Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some inconsistencies here

After John Maine gave up the last of the back-to-back-to-back homers the other night, Hong-Chih Kuo flipped his bat away which apparently hurt the poor Mets' fragile, pussy feelings. Randolph apparently was not happy about it. I didn't see or hear the interview, and what he was quoted as saying didn't sound egregious, but apparently he was very sarcastic and sounded angry when he said:

He must be used to doing that a lot. It was very stylish.

How can Randolph even suggest that he was pissed about Kuo's flipping the bat?

Watch this clip of Lo Duca from June 7th.

Did Randolph seem upset when the teenage girl rapist prick flipped his bat? Nope (Also, if you're interested, which I'm sure anyone who hates the Mets would be, watch the clips of my boy Pat Burrell and his Philly buddies pwn Wagner and company in the 9th and 10th innings because the silence of Shea Stadium and the blatantly obvious depression in the voice of that guy who lives off Keith Hernandez's and Ron Darling's semen, Gary Cohen, is more than worth your time). So, Randolph, shut the hell up. That would be like Bill Clinton lambasting a political rival for extramarital affairs. Or Ted Kennedy grumbling about one of his inconsequential Senate seat opponents (and I say inconsequential because the fucking electorate in Massachusetts is replete with mentally defective schmucks who will continue re-electing Ted Kennedy) for being a constantly inebriated, lazy, do-nothing-useful cocksucker who got away with killing somebody.

This is honestly a huge reason why I hate the Mets. Among other reasons (i.e., their obnoxious moron fans), the Mets are so full of showboaters who can't just decently go about their business and are obviously so in love with themselves. When guys on the Yankees hit a HR, there's no elaborate celebration routine or a retarded 6th grade handshake which might as well end with the two players simulating a buttfuck. They round the bases, and high-five each other afterwards. Done. Unless you hit a huge walk-off HR or get the game winning strikeout with the tying run on base, there should not be any form of celebrating beyond a mild fistpump or something. The Mets and their deficiently minded fans can all go spinning round and round like loose turds as they swiftly descend down the porcelain haven for crap that is Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York.

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