Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tim McCarver is still never right

During today's Dodgers-Mets game:

David Wright is one of the best 2 strike hitters in the National League.


David Wright (2007)
0-2 count: .128/.150/.205 in 39 AB
1-2 count: .070/.086/.088 in 57 AB
2-2 count: .160/.169/.240 in 75 AB
3-2 count: .375/.615/.750 in 56 AB

He's been great in full counts. Sucks in every other count. McCarver truly is the legendary man who is never right.


Douggy Bombs said...


that's .185 overall with 2 strikes.

Douggy Bombs said...
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Douggy Bombs said...

and statheads would care more about this one: .322 SLG with 2 strikes

BOMBS is too busy catching baseballs, bowling balls, tow trucks, stapleguns, tire irons, and sledgehammers at first base to even bother trying to extrapolate 2 strike OBP from what has been posted...