Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seriously, Fire Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa is at it again, just shooting his mouth off:

Melky Cabrera, he's made a couple great catches, but, the guy's not that good of an outfielder.

As I've said before, fielding stats are definitely iffy, not as effective as offensive stats. However, when looked at collectively, you can get an overall picture as to how a player has done defensively. And let's look at this:

Melky Cabrera
.911 zone rating (3rd among AL centerfielders)
3.18 RF9 (2nd among AL centerfielders)
10 assists (1st among AL centerfielders)

The guy has played pretty effectively. And just watching him, he has made a bunch of nice catches. The only criticism I have for him is how he plays balls in the gap that are not catchable. Instead of conceding that he can't catch it, he'll keep going after it, and then the ball will go to the wall and he'll take longer to get the ball back in than he would if he just tried to cut it off or head to the wall to get it back in more quickly. However, that doesn't outweigh the fact that he gets to a lot of balls and has thrown out a lot of runners, leading to fewer runners even trying. We really should get on this. Fire Mike Francesa would be an awesome blog. Honestly, I don't care about Chris Russo. Russo at least doesn't try to come off as a know-it-all. I fucking can't stand Francesa, though. I really wish he'd get fired.

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