Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There has to be a disclaimer on Mets contracts

A guy on WFAN yesterday:

“I just wanted to say that the Mets’ 3 and 4 starters John Maine and Oliver Perez are better than anyone in the American League.”

And Timo Perez was like, the greatest, ever. So was Benny Agbayani. So was Dave Mlicki. So was Alex Ochoa. So was Butch Huskey. And the list goes on...Mets’ fans have blown so many of their team’s players you wonder if Mets’ GMs (Minaya, Duquette, Phillips, McIlvaine, Harazin, etc.) put this into the contract:

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way responsible for the fans of this organization salivating on your genitals and thinking that you are better than you really are or that you really are worth the money we paid to sign you.

As far as the claim made by the unemployed, getting-his-GED, still-lives-with-his-mother caller, let’s analyze this, shall we?

John Maine/Oliver Perez (2007):
179 ERA+ and 128 ERA+
1.252 WHIP and 1.119 WHIP
45 K/27 BB in 50 1/3 innings and 43/14 BB in 42 innings

They’ve definitely pitched so much better than any AL pitchers so far:

Danny Haren (2007):
256 ERA+
0.961 WHIP
48 K/14 BB in 60 1/3 innings

Gil Meche (2007):
240 ERA+
1.190 WHIP
47 K/16 BB in 61 1/3 innings

Tim Wakefield (2007):
182 ERA+
1.146 WHIP
30 K/20 BB in 52 1/3 innings

Josh Beckett (2007):
164 ERA+
1.026 WHIP
47 K/12 BB in 50 2/3 innings

Andy Pettitte (2007):
155 ERA+
1.411 WHIP
29 K/20 BB in 50 1/3 innings (OPS of .705 against him, with it being .587 against him with runners in scoring position, and about a 2-to-1 groundball-flyball ratio explains why he has been so effective with a high WHIP, which will probably go down, and a low strikeout total)

James Shields (2007):
141 ERA+
0.895 WHIP
54 K/10 BB in 60 1/3 innings

Johan Santana (2007):
126 ERA+
1.176 WHIP
56 K/15 BB in 51 innings

Maine and Perez have been very good, but they have not pitched exponentially better than the best of the AL.

Another moron…PWN’D.

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