Thursday, May 17, 2007

B.A. Baracus gettin' mad...REAL MAD!!!

B.A. 'bout to give you two sets of numbas, foo!

.235 OBA/.308 SLG, 1 BB, 66 AB
.200 OBA/.269 SLG, 1 BB, 52 AB
.354 OBA/.327 SLG, 6 BB, 55 AB
.368 OBA/.258 SLG, 8 BB, 31 AB

.227 OBA/.273 SLG, 0 BB, 22 AB
.286 OBA/.091 SLG, 3 BB, 11 AB
.192 OBA/.087 SLG, 3 BB, 21 AB
.192 OBA/.280 SLG, 1 BB, 25 AB
.095 OBA/.095 SLG, 0 BB, 21 AB

These numbers are:
a. The Chicago White Sox team box score every game
b. what Darin Erstad does every 308 at bats, or check that, what Darin Erstad has done for 85% of his career, but looking really tough the whole time which is what really matters
c. Abreu, Cano, ARod, and Giambi in May, and Damon, Giambi, ARod, Abreu, and Cano over the past week

The answer should be:
a or b

Unfortunately the answer is:

This is absolutely ridiculous. In the month of May they've averaged 4.75 runs per game, which does not look that bad, but they've had 2 games of scoring over 10 runs (kinda hilarious but fucking infuriating that they scored 11 runs one game and lost because Kei Igawa pitched like the $46 million dollar barrel of horse manure he has been so far, and yes he shits manure because he looks like Mr. Ed) to bring that average up. In 6 of the 16 games played so far this month, the Yankees have scored 3 runs or fewer. With this lineup, it's fucking terrible. Giambi and Damon are always fucking hurt. Abreu is pulling off the ball so much that he's saying "Hi, I blow!" to Torre (who by the way, I would not be against seeing him gone after this year, he's ruining bullpen arms like it's his favorite passtime) in the dugout on every swing. Cano's nickname is "Little Carew", but right now, "Cano" is short for CanothittoLF. ARod after going absolutely nuts in April has completely disappeared. He is still getting on base, but that's far from enough. Jeter, Posada, Melky, and our good friend Douggy Bombs himself have been the only ones hitting this past month. Seriously, I'm sick of too many guys making outs profusely, and when they do reach I'm sick of runners LOB.

I am not looking forward to the subway series this weekend. The Yankees just look absolutely lifeless and those fucking Metrosexual skinhead cocksuckers just keep winning with everything going right for them right now, enabling their fans to jerk off every night while listening to Gary Cohen scream "It's outta here!!!!!" and watching Reyes be "exciting". Yankees, please, don't get swept and look awful while getting swept. At least take 1, with 2 being preferable. I can't ask for a sweep, but I'd sure as hell take it. Mets' fans have all to gain and nothing to lose...again...because they're imbeciles, while Yankees' fans have the opposite...again.

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