Thursday, May 3, 2007

About Us

Hello. This blog is all about what you see in the description. We are big time New York sports fans - Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Giants, Jets - so do not be shocked when you read posts of us expressing our pro-Yankees/Knicks/Rangers/Giants/Jets outlooks or if you read low blows to other teams (Red Sox, Mets, Patriots, etc.). Keep in mind, however, that while we may hate people/teams on personal levels, we are perfectly capable of giving credit where credit is due. We are very much into statistical analysis which is completely devoid of human emotion. We will also utilize stats that are meaningful. For instance, in baseball, you will not see us describing the effectiveness of a pitcher by talking about his team's ability to score 25 runs for him when he gives up 24, leaves with the bases loaded and nobody out in the 6th inning, and the bullpen gets out of it, or his team's deplorable inability to score runs or field a baseball when he goes 9 IP, 2 runs (none earned), 17 Ks, 0 walks, 1 hit...or in short, those stats called "Wins" and "Losses" for a pitcher. You will see ERA+, WHIP, K/9 IP, K/BB ratio, etc. Also, in my case, you will not see me use Batting Average which is a moronic stat. To show you how stupid a stat it is, Juan Pierre is a career .302 hitter and this guy generates as much offense with his career 85 OPS+ as Limp Bizkit generated good music with a collection of atrociously written songs which have a sound reminiscent of fat 280 pound drunks puking. Maybe they should switch jobs. Maybe Fred Durst is a better hitter and Juan Pierre is a better songwriter. But, anyway. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the pwnage.

Additionally, everything posted here constitutes opinions, and much is intended for humor. Nothing is intended to be hateful or derogatory, only facetious, and by viewing the blog you absolve the authors and anyone affiliated with the blog from any responsibility whatsoever for anything stemming from the content of this blog

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