Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pure absurdity

Yankees lose again, this time because of a steal of home plate and a continuing lack of offense from a nearly-unchanged lineup that scored 930 runs last year.

Mets win because of 2 balks by their former closer Armando Benitez. Delgado homered to win it, but still, two fucking balks.

Red Sox win because Kevin Youkilis is hitting better than he has ever hit in his entire life.

Can it get any more annoying?

I think the only way I can stop this is by going in to pitch so I can fucking nail Youkilis in his ribs with a fastball. I'd go headhunting but his scumbag goatee is too fucking big to allow the fastball to hurt enough. Also, I would love to come in to pitch against the Mets so I could fucking kill Reyes with a fastball right to his head. Did you see his fruity dancing in the dugout last night?! Or his trot home after the balk that was clearly mocking Benitez? Someone needs to fucking knock him out. I hope Reyes suffers some sort of career ending injury someday soon so Mets fans won't have his "excitement" to jerk off to. I wouldn't even care if the player they got was better than Reyes. Just someone who isn't sucked off for any minor thing he does and doesn't act like a fucking 6 year old brat in little league.

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