Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan really fucking blow

I always knew the above, but tonight was just ridiculous. After Wright hit his HR, ESPN showed the replay about 4 times and Miller and Morgan practically removed Wright's cup and sucked him off the rest of the inning. The Mets then loaded the bases with the great Jose Reyes at the plate and he flew out to end the inning. Of course the focus then goes back to the Wright HR and there was no mention of the men left on base. On the flipside, Maine was sucking and he dodged a couple bullets (including a 3 run homer by about 2 feet down the left field line by Cano) and everything was about how Maine has been so good. Each time the Yankees left men on, it was "the Yankees leave more men on base". Then, out of nowhere, they started talking about Giambi's steroid admission/apology he made a few days ago and what not. And that's all they talked about while the Yankees were up. It was infuriating. And not to mention the fact that no one else came up. Giambi's steroid taking helped the A's win more than they should have, get a bigger contract with the Yankees, and win an MVP he might not have gotten clean. Definitely was the wrong thing to do. However, there was no mention of Bonds, whose steroid-taking aided him in breaking the single season HR record and is currently aiding him in breaking the fucking all-time HR record. And not to mention that Giambi in his grand jury testimony admitted to knowingly taking them whereas Bonds didn't (and his trainer's in jail for refusing to talk). But of course these pieces of shit won't say anything because Morgan wants Barroid to be his boyfriend and that fatass Miller is an announcer for the SF Giants. And another interesting note, of the two teams on the field that night, only one of them has players that were suspended for steroid use. And that just would happen to be the Mets. Then after this the Yankees get the two out hit from Damon for 2 runs with Jeter following that up with the 2 run bomb to put the Yanks up 4-1. (Interesting point I hadn't made about Maine before: he has been pretty lucky. He walks a lot of people and his groundball/flyball ratio is 0.69, a recipe for multi-run homers.) At this point, you can just tell that Miller and Morgan are not enjoying themselves. Any negative they could possibly bring up about the Yankees they did. Any positive that they could bring up about the Mets they did. At the end, for example, he even said, "Mariano Rivera finishes the last inning, and it took him 27 pitches," sounding like it was an insult. "You had to throw 27 pitches to get the last 3 outs, you suck!" *as Miller finishes his large bacon cheeseburger pizza, Aussie cheese fries, jumbo buffalo wings, babyback ribs, and super size 20 piece Chicken McNuggets...with a Diet Coke* Mariano hadn't pitched a whole lot and his command wasn't quite there which why he gave up that meaningless HR to Damion Easley, who I maintain will come back down to the world of less-than-mediocrity (i.e. sucking) very soon. So, Mariano taking 27 pitches is understandable and not necessarily a bad thing since he needs work. Jon Miller - go stuff your fat face with more bacon cheeseburger pizzas, clog your already plaque decorated arteries and shut the fuck up you anti-Yankee prick. Joe Morgan - get together with Reyes and Bonds to have a threeway jack-off session, you anti-Yankee, baseball ignoramus.

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