Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tom Gorzelanny allows TWELVE baserunners in 6 innings. He gave up numerous rockets. Of course, the Yankees couldn't buy a hit that meant anything. Posada hit 2 rockets right at people. Giambi hit a screamer right at Mientkiewicz. A-Rod just got under two balls to leftcenter and center. Melky misses a grand slam down the line by a few feet. Derek Jeter in a 2-0 count continues to live up to his new nickname, Derek "double plays" Jeter. Rasner didn't have it which means he had nothing, because his margin for error is so small. LaTroy Hawkins sucks. For someone who throws as hard as he does, to be striking out a meager 5.01/9 IP and walking 4.18/9 IP, that's just awful. I don't care if he's managed to have scoreless appearances in 18 of his 26 outings. That doesn't make up for how bad he is in other outings. It's not good when you can expect your pitcher to shit the bed 31% of the time. He's too volatile. Bring up David Robertson as soon as possible. And what the hell happened to Bobby Abreu's renowned ability to draw walks? He's walking in half as many plate appearances as he used to! His OBP is only 63 points above his BA. I don't care about the batting average as much, because that'll come back up, and his IsoP is right about where I expected it to be (.171 expected, .167 actual). It's the walks. If he can't OBP .380 in the number 3 hole, then get him out of there and plug Matsui in. Drop Abreu down.

The only silver lining in last night's game is Robby Cano's 3 hits. Granted, the first hit should have been an error, but with how much has gone against Cano this year, it was good to see him get a break. Then he picked up two more legit hits, one a liner through the hole between 3rd and short, the other a double into the right centerfield gap. That's more like it, Robby. If you want to salvage your season and finish at or around .300 with an .830-.840 OPS, now's the time to get hot and stay hot.

Let's hope that this is Rock Bottom #2 for the Yankees and that they start playing well again, without encountering Rock Bottom #3.

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