Saturday, December 1, 2007

B.A.'s gonna have to choke a bitch

"According to multiple reports, the Yankees will go forward by offering right-hander Phil Hughes to Minnesota in a possible deal, hoping to bring Santana to the Bronx and give New York the true No. 1 pitcher it covets."

What...the fuck....ARE YOU IDIOTS THINKING???

How many times am I going to have to tell this to people or write about this? WE DO NOT FUCKING NEED JOHAN SANTANA BADLY ENOUGH TO GIVE UP PHIL HUGHES AND MELKY CABRERA.

Phil Hughes is going to be an excellent pitcher. He was forced to work with less than his best stuff for a lot of the year and really learned how to pitch. It paid off by the end of the year as he had a 2.73 ERA, 1.18 WHIP in 30 innings in September, as well as a very good series against the Indians, allowing just one run in 6 innings with 6 strikeouts. He has a great fastball which touches 93-95 and looks even faster, fantastic 12-to-6 curve, and an above average changeup. He has great stuff. He showed it in the minors, and he showed he can do it in the big leagues, too. And he only turned 21 this past June. Johan Santana is 8 years older than Hughes, has a lot of mileage on his arm, and could very well not be able to throw the number of innings he has in the past. And we're going to have to pay him $25 mil/year to do so while giving up valuable pieces to what could be an excellent Yankees team with great staying power in maybe as little as 2 seasons.

I've already proven that Melky Cabrera is much more valuable to the Yankees than a Torii Hunter or Aaron Rowand. Young, great arm, plays a good center field, good contact hitter with effective leadoff hitter potential over old, overrated defense, and career years in walk years. Although it would not cost money, Johnny Damon being put back in center and Hideki Matsui playing left field everyday sucks like Sex and the City. Although his zone rating was good last year in center (.928), Damon's just too old and fragile to handle the position anymore. Not to mention his arm just absolutely blows impotent cock like Sex and the City actresses with the pun most certainly intended and is meant for left field. All of this can basically be said about Matsui, also. His knees are question marks and will be better off getting lots of time at DH.

There is no need to make a huge splash with Santana...for now. Get him in free agency or in a trade deadline deal.

Why do I have to be a fugitive? I should be runnin' the Yanks, foo!

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